Subterranean Termite Extermination

Hitman Termite & Pest Control can you rid of your subterranean termite problem in North Florida and South Florida.

Subterranean Termites

HITMAN’S superior termite control proactive approach is to protect your home against subterranean termites and other wood-destroying organisms before they have a chance to come near your home. HITMAN’S strategically establishes a perimeter barrier of protective and preventative treatment. The strategic barrier intercepts termites before they have a chance to damage your home. In the rare case that termites infest again, they will be aggressively re-treated by HITMAN’S trained professionals at no additional charge, for as long as your agreement is under warranty or renewed.


Wood destroying insects, such as termites and carpenter ants, can do massive amounts of damage to a home. This can have a terrible impact on a home’s value. In humid climate areas where termites thrive, it is common to see homes destroyed by wood destroying insects. Some homes are completely hollowed out and their wood siding can turn to dust with merely a touch.

How do I prevent termite infestation?

There are a few things that you can do to make your home “less attractive” to termites. Termites live in the ground and look for areas that provide food, shelter, and moisture close to the ground. Wood is food for termites, so anywhere that wood touches the ground is a good place for termites to inhabit. This is especially true if the soil stays moist in this area. Separating wood from the soil is the first step towards deterring wood destroying insects.

Mulch, landscaping material, and shade can help your soil to retain moisture. Minimizing these things near your home will help to keep termites at bay. Anything that holds moisture in the soil should be placed at least one foot from your home. Firewood stacks are magnets for termites and carpenter ants. Gutters that empty too close to the home’s foundation are also a problem. Eliminating moisture problems in basements and crawlspaces is another preventative measure you can take in addition to hiring a professional to treat and protect your home.

Be sure to find out how long the treatments last. The chemicals on the market today generally protect your home for up to 5 years.

What Damage Do Subterranean Termites Cause?

Subterranean termites are a common type of termite found in Florida homes and businesses. This type of termite can also cause the most damage. These dangerous pests typically form in colonies, which can number in the thousands or even millions.

Where Do Subterranean Termites Colonize?

Subterranean termites colonize in the soil near wooden structures.